After 20 year absence, Sherihan returns to acting in role written by Medhat al-Adl

Writer and screenwriter Medhat al-Adl announced his interest in writing the latest role for superstar Sherihan, who has formally returned to acting after a 20 year absence from cinema and television.

Adl stated it has not yet been decided if the role will be for a film or a series, but stressed that Sherihan is an “inspiration” and star who deserves the main role.

“I see her in a historical work, in which there is acting, singing and magic. As if you are summoning the magic of the past and Sherihan is presenting it. We are ready for this project and she is very enthusiastic, but it will take time. May God give us life and strength to present it in the best way to the public,” he added.

Sherihan first returned to her fans after an absence of about 20 years through the play “Coco Chanel”, which was shown on the “Shahid VIP” platform in 2021.

Several stars participated in the play, alongside Sherihan, including Samar Morsi, Engy Wijdan, Hani Adel, Tamer Habib and others.

It was directed by Hadi al-Bagouri and written by Medhat al-Adl.

Sherihan is best known for her Ramadan mysteries that kicked off in 1985, and launched her career at the age of 12.

She starred in various TV shows such as “Hagat wa Mehtagat” (Things and Needs), “Hawl al-Alam” (Around the World), “Fawazeer al-Amthal” (The Proverb Riddles) and “Alf Layla Wa Layla” (1,001 Nights).

She is known for her roles is numerous plays including “Sokk Ala Banatak” and “Alashan Khater Oyounak” and has starred in several movies including “Al-Azraa wal Shaar al-Abyad (1983)”, “Khali Balak men Aqlak (1985)”, and “Al-Motasharedan” (1983).

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