Airport sources: Tahrir clashes caused flight cancellations

Air traffic to Egypt has been affected by the clashes in Tahrir Square Friday, with several airlines canceling flights due to economic infeasibility, according to a source at Cairo International Airport.

“We have received a signal from British Airways to cancel its flights between London and Cairo and vice versa, and the Dutch [Airline KLM] to cancel its flights between Amsterdam and Cairo and vice versa. Flights coming from Europe have seen a decline in the number of tourists after the cancellation of some passengers coming to Egypt, for fear of clashes at Tahrir Square Friday,” said the source.

The source expected that air passenger traffic would continue to decline if clashes in Tahrir Square continued, or if there were further protests.

The source added that political parties and groups should take into account the impact that protests have on tourism in Egypt.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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