Alexandria security chief sent to trial

Alexandria's security chief will begin trial at an Egyptian court Saturday, a judicial source said. 

The Mansoura appeals court in Daqahlia decided to refer Maj. Gen. Ahmed Abdel Basset, formerly the Daqahlia security chief, and a number of his aides to the city's criminal court. He is charged with murdering Daqahlia protesters during the 25 January revolution.

Other defendants include Maj. Gen. Adel al-Barbary, the general director for central security forces, Major Mahmoud Saqr, chief of Mansoura's law enforcement unit, and Capt. Hossam Abdel Rahman, a central security officer.

The court said the charges are based on evidence that shows during the period between 26 January and 31 January, Abdel Basset and Barbary, aided by other policemen, instigated and helped with the killing of protesters.

It said the pair agreed to order other officers, who were intended to secure the protests, to shoot at some demonstrators in order to scare the rest, the source said.

It said Abdel Basset also caused a huge damage to the funds and interests of his workplace.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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