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An Alexandrian excursion: Lunch at the Greek Club

For Caireans, the northern coast of Egypt has become all about "sahel"–the area between Alexandria and Ras al-Hekma–full of housing compounds and private beaches. Since people have stopped trekking to Agamy in the summer (probably due to the Cairo set inching further and further west across the coastline), Alexandria has almost been reclassified as a city to visit culturally in its own right.

Alexandria is relatively one of the closest such cities to Cairo which is why it seemed natural to head to Alex for lunch at the Greek Club last Friday.

Located in the same area as the Quait Bay Fort (a very picturesque location, by the way), the Greek Club is a favorite for Alexandrians as well. It overlooks the yacht club beach and a small marina speckled with pretty little boats. For non-members, it is recommended to reserve in advance and in good weather: This usually guarantees you a spot outside.

So, after ascending two flights of stairs lined with blue and white paintings that evoke the essence of the Greek islands, you will find yourself at one of the tables placed strategically to give you a fabulous view.

While the Greek Club has a menu with some Greek classics like moussaka and Greek salad, a seafood lover should head off to the seafood display and choose their fare as they please.

Highly recommended items include the grilled Denise, the grilled shrimp and the crab–the crab meat is served, two crabs at a time, in a half shell. For groups of four or more, the fish baked in salt is a great main dish to share–the meat is soft and tasty, improved only by a little sprinkle of lime. The salads include the regular babaghanoug and tahina with Greek additions like tarama, a mild tasting roe based dip.

The prices are reasonable–expect to eat well and finish with mint tea for around LE100 per person. The Greek Club also serves wine and beer and the service is spot on, although your fish extravaganza may take a little extra time.

Of course, the Greek Club experience should not be a rushed one, and if lunch finishes before you need to head back to Cairo, head out onto the corniche for a nice walk, shisha at one of the street side caf├ęs or espresso, and ├ęclairs at Delice. The caffeine will snap you out of your fishy trance and wake you up for the 220km back to Cairo. 

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