ALO lauds Sisi role in upgrading joint Arab action

Director General of the Arab Labor Organization (ALO) Fayez al Mutairi said Sunday that President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi was able to upgrade joint Arab action and to restore Egypt’s position at the Arab and international levels.

Mutairi thanked President Sisi for sponsoring the ALO’s 48th conference, currently held in Cairo.

The conference should last until September 25 under the presidency of Morocco.

Mutairi told the gathering that the Russian-Ukrainian crisis has spilled over into food security worldwide.

He urged boosted joint Arab action in the face of challenges as a result of that crisis.

It is important to expand partnerships with the three parties of production under the umbrella of the ALO, Mutairi said.

He added that all Arab countries are seeking to digitize their economic sectors with the aim to increase growth rates.

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