Another prosecution body boycotts constitutional referendum

The Administrative Prosecution Club announced that its counselors would only supervise the referendum on the draft constitution scheduled for 15 and 22 December if the most recent constitutional declaration and all its results are cancelled.

The head of the club, Abdallah Qandil, said in a statement that the club asked all prosecutions nationwide to provide the names of judges interested in supervising the referendum, and that a large majority refused to participate.

There are 3,847 Administrative Prosecution Club members, according to available data in the club, and only 836 have expressed the desire to supervise the referendum, while 3,011 have rejected it, Qandil said.

Qandil expressed the Administrative Prosecution counselors’ support of the judicial system in Egypt and the need to preserve its independence and immunity, as well as their support for every Egyptian who revolts against injustice.

He noted that the two constitutional declarations issued by the president have put the judiciary in an unprecedented confrontation with the presidential office.

The two declarations also showed signs of civil strife between different people in society, he said.

The club’s announcement comes one day after the Judges Club said that 90 percent of judges are boycotting the referendum. Meanwhile, the State Lawsuits Authority announced that it is willing to supervise the poll.

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