April 6 Youth Movement calls for firm stance against foreign interference in Egyptian affairs

The April 6 Youth Movement’s democratic front on Thursday called on interim President Adly Mansour and Hazem al-Beblawy’s cabinet to take a firm stance against foreign intervention in Egyptian affairs and attempts to portray the crisis in Egypt as an international issue, as is the case in Syria and Libya.

In a statement, the movement said statements given by American and European delegations represent a clear interference in Egyptian affairs and symbolize an attempt to impose guardianship on Egyptians and their government.

The statement described the Muslim Brotherhood as one of the US's strongest allies.

The movement called on the presidency and the government to simply explain the situation in Egypt to foreign delegations and reject any intervention in the country’s affairs. It reminded the presidency that one of the most important demands of the January and June uprisings was achieving national independence and ending subordination to the West.

Mostafa al-Hagary, media spokesperson for the movement, said that there is a plan to turn the crisis in Egypt into an international crisis that requires international intervention in preparation for dividing up the country and imposing guardianship on it.

Hagary said statements by US Senator John McCain in which he described the uprising in Egypt as a military coup have been rejected.

He also said that the movement will organise marches and protests in front of European embassies and the US embassy in Cairo, as well as in other governorates, to condemn foreign intervention in Egypt.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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