Authorities heighten security at Cairo International Airport

Cairo International Airport authorities on Saturday heightened security with additional customs and package inspection personnel as well as trained police dogs. Authorities will also manually check packages inside the airport departure halls and storage rooms.

Security is giving the highest priority to shipments headed to the US, particularly the cargo on board Egypt Air and Delta flights.

Luxor International Airport head Sami Abdel Moneim held a meeting with airport security and administrative heads to discuss methods of enhancing security without causing discomfort to passengers.

The security boost comes after Rabbi Michael R. Zedek from Chicago's Emanuel Congregation–the apparent target of explosive-laden packages from Yemen discovered on Friday–said the group's website was visited more than 80 times recently by someone located in Egypt.

Ahmed al-Atify, an international internet expert, said tracing the user's telephone number through the associated IP address is a straightforward process.

White House counter-terrorism adviser John Brennan said there was no evidence of any other explosive packages. He also said the US was taking all the necessary precautions in the event other packages are discovered.

Following the incident, Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh called for increased collaboration between his country and the US, Saudi Arabia and the UK. “We will not accept any interference in our countries' internal affairs through the tracking of al-Qaeda,” he said.

Meanwhile, Yemeni police arrested a female engineering student implicated in the threat. Dozens of San'a University students demonstrated against her detainment.

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