Ayman Nour wins Ghad Party presidential elections

More than 200 people voted in elections for the president of the Ghad opposition party yesterday, where former president Ayman Nour garnered a sweeping victory over former vice president Yasser Abdel Hamid. 

Nour managed to get 273 votes against only 34 for his rival. 

Some party members were unable to vote due to the fact that their names had been misspelled. Several women also passed out due to the heat.

Abdel Hamid froze his party membership following the voting and accused Nour of falsifying the results. 

Nour has said that his first action after winning will be to accept the collective resignations submitted by some party members in Alexandria.

Gamila Ismail, Nour’s ex-wife and member of the party’s supreme authority, said her vote went to Nour, who is also the party’s founder.

In other news, Mahmoud Saleh, head of the election committee, said he is resigning from the party after some of its members put up a poster reading, “He Won’t Rule”–which also happens to be the title of a campaign against transfer of power to Gamal Mubarak — above pictures of the party’s current president.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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