Beheira Governor: new sewage pumping station at a cost of LE12 mn

Beheira Governor Hisham Amna said on Sunday that the governorate has concluded a new project to establish a sewage pumping station at Kanisat al-Dohreyah village in Itay al-Baroud city.

The governor said that the station is to be built at a cost of LE12 million and will pump 3000 cubic meters per day, servicing 6,000 people in the village.

In a statement on Sunday, the governor said that the pumping station will consist of three pumps with a 6.5 km network and a 1.3 km centrifugal pipeline.

Amna explained that the new station is a service project that aims to improve sanitation services in addition to supporting and promoting infrastructure projects.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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