Blocking internet pornography a priority for telecom minister

The government is taking steps to completely block internet pornography in Egypt, according to Minister of Telecommunications and Information Technology Mohamed Salem.

Salem announced Thursday that the National Telecommunications Regulation Authority will form a committee to lay out the technical methods for the control of adult websites, which he estimated to number in the millions. The censorship was also recently discussed in Parliament.

“Parliament will be represented in the committee. The issue is becoming persistent and worrying to families,” said Salem in a briefing on the sidelines of a conference for people with special needs.

Some specialized companies are issuing software that would block these sites for underage users, he added without giving specifics.

The ministry will have a representative on the constituent assembly that will draft the new constitution to ensure that it caters to the needs of the sector, he said.

The People's Assembly Transportation and Telecommunications Committee asked the government earlier this month to block access from within Egypt to all pornographic sites. The committee also called for legislation to punish internet companies that allow access to these sites.

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