Bodies of two Egyptians killed in Libya, Syria arrive to Cairo

The corpses of two Egyptians who were killed in Syria and Libya arrived at Cairo International Airport on Wednesday, state-run news agency MENA said.

Quarantine authorities at the airport received the body of Benjamin Saad Shehata, 47, which came on board an Egyptian plane from Damascus, MENA said, citing an autopsy report that attributed his death to a gunshot wound he received on Sunday without providing further details.

The news agency said Shehata was the first Egyptian to be killed in the uprising in Syria, which broke out in March against the regime of President Bashar al-Assad. It added that the body was delivered to his relatives, who will bury it in Fayoum.

According to MENA, the airport also received the body of Fahmy Fahmy Khalil, 57, which came on an Egyptian plane from Tripoli, Libya. The autopsy report said he died from a gunshot wound on Saturday. His relatives were given the body for burial in Kafr al-Sheikh.

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