Brotherhood-affiliated witnesses claim police killed Morsy supporters

The Prosecution heard on Wednesday the testimony of three people affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood over the Nahda Square incident, in which 18 people were killed and another 300 injured, according to local hospitals and police stations.
“The police killed supporters of President Mohamed Morsy in Nahda Square after his speech ended on Tuesday,” eyewitnesses belonging to the brotherhood said. Dense smoke and shots were fired by the police while the protesters were chanting and demonstrating peacefully, the witnesses added.
One of the witnesses said his brother, Ahmed Abdel Halim, died when he was shot in the chest and shoulder by police.
The Prosecution is still listening to testimony from the relatives and families of the injured, as well as from other eyewitnesses, regarding the cause of the murders. No arrests have been made.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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