Brotherhood’s terms for reconciliation preposterous, says minister

In Al-Sharq Al-Awsat’s Wednesday edition, Minister of Manpower and Immigration Kamal Abu Eita said the terms of the Muslim Brotherhood for reconciliation are preposterous.
“Fantasy and madness it is,” he said, adding that the government has no intention to reconcile.
The Brotherhood demands the reinstatement of President Mohamed Morsy who was deposed early July, the activation of the constitution that is currently being amended and the return of the disbanded Shura Council, which was dominated by Brotherhood figures.
“They are harming the economy,” he said. “But we will re-open the factories and get on with production.”
“The violence and terrorism of that group affects development,” he added. “But the Egyptian people will complete the march and rebuild their country.”
On labor problems, especially in the textile sector, Abu Eita said the government is doing the best it can to resolve them. “We will re-open the textile factories and pay the wages,” he said. “The minimum wage is the best we can do now,” he said.
“Our problems will not be solved by security means alone, but also by social justice,” he added.
On cutting part of the US aid, he said this would not affect the Egyptian economy. “Not a penny of that aid is felt by the citizens,” he claimed. “It only makes us more submissive to the United States… I want to see us cancelling that aid from our side.”
On Washington being angry at some of his remarks, he said the United States is supporting a terrorist group. “Let them be angry,” he said. “We need a strong stance against the US administration.”
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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