Butane shortage persists in Cairo, provinces

Shortages of butane gas cylinders have continued to be reported in Cairo and the provinces, pushing the price of a single cylinder to LE30 on the black market.

People could be seen crowding in front of local butane distribution outlets, while clashes over limited numbers of available cylinders were reported.

Cairo Governor Abdel Azim Wazir, for his part, prohibited the sale of cylinders to industrial facilities and ordered they be sold exclusively to individuals for home use.

In the delta provinces of Sharqiya and Qalyubiya, people claimed that retail dealers were hoarding cylinders in hopes of selling them at higher prices later.

According to one government official, shortages began after several Egyptian seaports were closed due to bad weather conditions, hindering imports. Egypt, the official pointed out, has only seven days worth of butane gas reserves.

However, a source at the Social Solidarity Ministry said that the Petroleum Ministry planned to supply the local market with one million cylinders every day beginning this Wednesday.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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