Cabinet Approves Amendments To Several Agreements With US, EU

The cabinet under Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly approved on Wednesday1/5/2024 a number of draft presidential decrees introducing amendments to several agreements with the US and the European Union.

Among those, Madbouly approved the first amendment to a grant agreement on a climate change initiative signed between the US and Egypt.

The new amendment will add 5.5 million dollars to the agreement, bringing the total US contribution to 20.5 million dollars.

The agreement aims at boosting the Egyptian government’s capabilities in mitigating economic, social and environmental effects of climate change.

The cabinet also approved a draft presidential decree introducing a fourth amendment to another grant agreement with the US that aims at enhancing Egypt’s comprehensive economic governance.

Under the amendment, an additional sum of 13.5 million dollars will be added to the agreement, to bring its total value to 109.961 million dollars.

Also, the cabinet approved a draft presidential decree amending an agreement financed by the EU and the European Investment Bank to expand and develop a wastewater treatment plant in Alexandria.

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