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Children’s corner: How to make a paper box

With most Cairene children not yet back to school, we bring you the "Children's corner" mid-week! Planning arts and crafts sessions with your children is not only exciting for them, it can also create a good opportunity for you to engage in communication with them if you are often working or too distracted to play. Creating a simple paper box is one of childhood’s joys. Children can easily make their own boxes at home without the help of their parents. Kids can use such boxes for kahk (cookies covered with icing sugar and sometimes stuffed with nuts) from the Eid holidays or for presents for friends and family. Boxes are also great for candies, chocolates or even accessories. All you need to do is follow the easy step-by-step tutorial process using a colorful or floral paper sheet.


1)   Bring a square paper sheet for the base – keeping in mind that your box will be slightly smaller than the sheet of paper. Make sure the color side is down.
2)   Fold the four edges of the sheet to the center.
3)   Crease again the four outer edges to center, not fold.
4)   Open the right and left sides.
5)   Pull the up and bottom (two folded) sides upright.
6)   Fold the open ends into the box and use glue to keep everything together.
7)   In order to make a lid to cover your cookies, repeat the same steps using a bigger sheet.

Children's corner is an ongoing series at Al-Masry Al-Youm – usually on Fridays, it offers activities for parents to do with children including everything from arts and crafts to nice outdoor locations for family fun and advice on schools.

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