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Children’s corner: Teach kids a wearable craft

Teaching your little girls to design a necklace that fits their own taste is an interesting, fun experience. A wearable craft gives kids a chance to get involved in an activity that engages both their minds and hands and develops their creative talent.


  • Spool of thick string
  • Colorful beads (It is better to purchase big beads and thick cord from bead specialty shops to make it easier for your little one to handle)
  • Lettered beads to write a message or name on the necklace
  • A favorite pendant
  • Scissors


  • Measure the necklace length you want by draping the string around your neck 
  • Do not cut the cord from the spool (beads will slip off).
  • String the beads one at a time until you get close to the center. If you are using more than one color, ornament your necklace with matching beads.
  • Place the lettered beads at the center or use a pendant such as a butterfly, flower, or heart instead.
  • Resume stringing the rest of the beads, but make sure that you put the same number on the second side as you did on the first. 
  • Cut the string from the spool using a pair of scissors when you finish, leaving extra inches at the end.
  • Tie the ends together tightly so the beads won’t slide off the string.

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