China wishes to develop relations, grants Egypt US$24.7 mil

Chinese Vice President Li Yuan Chao reiterated his country’s support for the will and choice of the Egyptian people, and the full rejection of his country of any external intervention in the domestic matters of Egypt.
Chao says the development of relations with Egypt is a strategic choice for China, which has expressed its willingness to develop relations with Egypt in political, economic, commercial, military fields, and at the popular, parliamentary and official levels.
These remarks were reported by Foreign Minister Spokesperson Badr Abdel Aatty after the Chinese Vice President met with Egyptian Foreign Minister Nabil Fahmy in Beijing.
On the occasion of Minister Nabil Fahmy's visit, China has granted Egypt 150 million yuan (US$24.7 million) in additional non-refundable grants for the implementation of projects in Egypt.
The Chinese official said his country’s decision to abolish the travel ban on Chinese citizens to Egypt came as a result of the improvement of conditions in the country.
He encouraged the Chinese to visit Egypt and enjoy the timeless Pharaonic antiquities, especially in Luxor and Aswan, and encouraged Chinese companies to pump more investments in Egypt, especially in an environment of improved political stability and security.
Edited translation from MENA

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