Church TV channel airs film attacking Jehovah Witnesses

On Saturday the official Egyptian Coptic Orthodox Church satellite TV channel Aghapy showed a movie entitled “Young Foxes,” which Jehova's Witnesses say was an attack on their denomination.

The movie depicts the life of a young Orthodox man working with a Lebanese family who are Jehovah's Witnesses. After a member of the family has a car accident, the Orthodox man offers to donate blood for him, but the Lebanese man refuses as his belief prohibits blood donation.

A discussion then takes place between the two men until the Jenovah's Witness becomes convinced of the falsity of his belief.

A source from within the group said the Orthodox church has always been antagonistic toward Jenovah's Witnesses, referring to the fact that the group is recognized by the state but not by the Orthodox Church.

The airing of the movie comes in the aftermath of attacks on the religious denomination by Egypt’s Coptic leader, Pope Shenouda III.

Shenouda also warned Copts against Jehovah's Witnesses during his weekly address, announcing the publication of the second part of his Comparative Theology book defending the Orthodox doctrine.

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