Constituent Assembly case adjourned to 2 October, MB drop court challenge

The Administrative Court of the State Council postponed Saturday the consideration of 23 new lawsuits demanding the dissolution of the Constituent Assembly until 2 October.

 The case was adjourned so that a number of members of the Constituent Assembly could join in with the Muslim Brotherhood lawyer, as well as to ensure that all complaints against the assembly are included in one case.

Former MP and Muslim Brotherhood leader Sobhi Saleh told the court that the group has withdrew its challenge to the court, since none of the Constituent Assembly members are now members of the People's Assembly or the Shura council, whose members resigned from the Assembly. He asked the court to include all claims in one case.

While Saleh announced his dropping the challenge of the court, set to be considered by another court on 24 September, Sayyed Beheiri, who had filed a lawsuit to dissolve the constituent assembly, also dropped his case, saying that it has become unnecessary after the constitution has been drafted and also out of considerations of the interests of the state.

A number of lawyers and citizens had filed lawsuits demanding the dissolution of the Constituent Assembly for violating the administrative court verdict invalidating the first Constituent Assembly, and for including members of the People's Assembly and the Shura Council.

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