Coronavirus patient escapes from ambulance in Argentina

An man infected with coronavirus managed to escape from an ambulance on Saturday while being transported to hospital in the neighborhood of Constitución in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The man initially told health authorities that he had a fever and other symptoms of coronavirus infection, but then decided to escape from the medical team that was attempting to help him, jumping from the ambulance as soon as it stopped at the hospital entrance.

The hospital administration then informed the police of what had happened, after which the police began searching for the man.

Police were able to locate the man using surveillance cameras deployed in the streets of the Argentine capital.

He was found walking along an empty street and attempting to make a phone call. The police approached the man and told him to surrender, which he did.

The man faces charges of violating the quarantine law in Argentina.

Argentina has recorded 108 coronavirus deaths to date, and roughly 2,500 infections.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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