Court postpones Shafiq ruling until October

The Cairo Criminal Court has postponed a trial for former presidential hopeful Ahmed Shafiq, over charges he made illegal land sales to the sons of former President Hosni Mubarak.

The court announced Thursday it would delay the trial until 20 October.

Shafiq had previously been referred to trial for facilitating the sale of a 40,000-metre plot of land at Ismailia's Bitter Lakes region at a preferential rate to Alaa and Gamal Mubarak. The plot belonged to the Cooperative Housing Association for Military Pilots, which Shafiq chaired at the time of the transaction.

Defence laywer Farid al-Deeb claimed in earlier sessions that the case represented an attempt of "political revenge" from President Mohamed Morsy's Muslim Brotherhood-led administration against Shafiq for running against him in presidential elections.

Shafiq, who was the last prime minister under ousted President Mubarak, travelled to the United Arab Emirates after losing the June 2012 presidential election to current president, Mohamed Morsy. He had sporadically promised to return to Egypt.

Shafiq was placed on an arrivals watchlist by authorities, although Interpol rejected an Egyptian request to arrest him.

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