Court upholds Olympic Committee’s decision suspending Mortada Mansour

On Sunday, the Administrative Court of the Egyptian State Council declined an appeal filed by Mortada Mansour against an Egyptian Olympic Committee decision to suspend him from his post as Zamalek’s president and ban him from entering stadiums.

The court upheld decisions taken by the committee in 2018 against Zamalek, as well as a two-year suspension for Mansour from Zamalek Club.

Mansour was initially suspended from his presidency by the committee in October. It also handed him a four-year ban from sports-related activities and fined him LE100,000.

Egypt’s Youth and Sports Ministry in late November decided to suspend and exclude Zamalek’s board, executive manager, the financial manager from any club-related affairs until the investigation is over.

A ministry statement said that the decision was based on the findings of a financial and administrative inspection committee, formed by the ministry in September.

The statement did not elaborate on the committee’s findings. However, it confirmed the presence of financial and other irregularities, which prompted the ministry to refer their report to the Public Prosecution.

Mansour and his colleagues appealed both decisions in two separate cases at the Administrative Court. Both requests to appeal have been denied.

Mansour is a controversial figure who held the presidency of Zamalek and a seat in the Egyptian House of Representatives, both of which he lost in 2020.

In November, Mansour lost reelection to parliament after coming in sixth in the Mit Ghamr race. He claimed the elections were rigged and has appealed the results in court.

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