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Daily Ramadan recipe #9: Palestinian fatta with ground beef and yogurt

Palestinian dishes are known to be rich in ingredients and delicious and when you taste them  you'll want to know how to cook them at home.

Although it's from a neighboring region, Palestinian food is foreign to some Egyptians and some of the ingredients may be difficult to find here.

Palestinian fatta is based on putting yogurt on top of bread or rice and often includes a protein. You can use beef, chicken or eggplant, making it a versatile dish.

Palestinian Makdoos Fatta Recipe


1-2 kilograms of eggplant
4 packs of yogurt
Some crushed garlic
Minced meat
3 pieces of Lebanese bread
Nuts for garnish
Oil for frying


1. Prepare the minced meat by cooking it with grated onions
2. Wash the eggplant and chop it into small pieces for frying
3. Fry the eggplant in a relatively large amount of oil
4. Cut the bread into small pieces
5. Put the cut bread in the oil and fry for about 20 seconds; it should be golden and crispy, but not dark brown
6. Mix the yogurt with the crushed garlic and some salt and pepper
7. Put the fried eggplant in a serving bowl, after using tissues to get out the excess oil
8. Mix the eggplant with some tomato sauce
9. Add the minced meat
10. Add the fried bread
11. Cover the bowl with the yogurt mixture
12. Add some nuts on top

The dish should be served warm and is considered an appetizer.

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