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Decision on Palestinian recognition followed “growing impatience” with Israel, Irish foreign minister says

From CNN's Radina Gigova

Ireland’s decision to formally recognize a Palestinian state came amid “growing impatience” with Israel’s lack of political will for a two-state solution, the country’s Foreign Minister Micheál Martin said Wednesday.

“The integrity of that two-state solution has been undermined in recent years by the strategy of the Israeli government and, particularly, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who has declared opposition to it,” Martin told CNN’s Richard Quest.

Martin also said that Netanyahu “hasn’t really dealt with the violent settlers” in the West Bank, who continue to attack Palestinians.

“There is a growing impatience with the lack of any political will on behalf of Israel toward a political track and toward realizing that in our view, a two-state solution is the only way that Israelis and Palestinians can live in harmony side by side,” he added. “There cannot just be a military solution to such a complex issue.”

Martin acknowledged however, that within the European Union “there are different perspectives on this, some for historic reasons,” but “there are a lot of like-minded states within the European Union that have been engaged on this issue.”

Alongside Ireland, Spain and Norway also announced plans on Wednesday to formally recognize a Palestinian state next week.

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