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Do’s & don’ts for New Year celebration

New Year’s Eve is just around the corner. The clock is ticking down to one of the anticipated celebrations of the year. Before stepping into a hosted party,  etiquette expert Salma al-Gammal has shared the do’s and don’ts to be the best possible guest and still have a blast while putting a smile on your host’s face.  
Get the timing right
Avoid turning up too early at the doorstep. New year parties usually kick off late. So, your host will probably be busy, moving around the apartment to prepare the food, put the finishing touch on home decorations or getting dressed. Additionally, do not overstay your welcome. If you notice the departure of most of guests, the music is turned down or the host looks exhausted, avoid sticking around for too long. Before heading out the door, express your warm thanks for the effort that had been put into the party’s overall planning and atmosphere through paying a pretty compliment.      
Lend a hand
If the host were a close friend of yours, it would be better to offer a hand early before the main crowd arrives. The best thing you can do on such occasion is shouldering the burden of stress from your friend at the last moment. For example, if there is something still needed to be brought on your way to the celebration place or if there is any setup help required, do not waste this opportunity to show you care. Sharing the little details is mostly what makes the party more memorable between friends.
Bring a gift
A simple gift is a nice gesture to convey your appreciation. The size or price of the gift is not actually what matters, so do not bust your budget. Just keep in mind the recipient’s taste when you go picking up the gift. If both of you are already good friends, then the quest is more than easy. Think of a gift that evokes a warm memory you already enjoyed long time ago, such as a picture in an attractive frame that matches the décor of the house or a custom made gift, such as t-shirt or decorative charm necklace, showing the host’s name initial or a specific date that marks a special incident. However, go for generic gift ideas if you are not sure of the host’s personal taste including a bouquet of flowers, decorative planner calendar, glass coffee maker, incense burner or decorative vase.
Show up appropriately dressed
Before hitting the road, make sure that you are putting on an attractive, comfortable and, most importantly, suitable outfit. Some parties require a dress code, so it will be embarrassing to pop up in casual clothes whereas everyone around are in tuxedos or chichi gowns and gracious high heels. Also, some new-year parties are distinguished by special themes where you have to dress up. So, in all cases, double check with the host in advance to avoid feeling out of place in the party.       
Kid-friendly celebration
If you are the host of the party, take off the pressure of the event by allocating a room for kids to sleep or where they can enjoy their time coloring books, watching an interesting movie or playing video games including, PlayStation or Xbox. This will encourage a lot of parents to join the party or save the hassle of worry to dash out of the place before the clock strikes midnight.

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