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Doctor gives instructions to follow amid weather fluctuations

Former head of the National Research Center Hani al-Nazer published some instructions to help folks get through the weather fluctuations expected in Egypt in the coming days.

Nazer said, in his a statement on his Facebook account:

1- Ensure that fans, electrical appliances and air-conditioners are switched off when leaving homes or work places to avoid fires.

2- Do not leave alcohol bottles or disinfectants inside cars in the sun, which might cause them to explode.

3- Car owners should check the water level and monitor their car’s temperature.

4- Make sure to drink more water.

5- Shower in the morning and evening, preferably using glycerin soap.

6- Avoid standing directly under the sun at noon, and use an umbrella to block the heat.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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