DP World: Workers ended Ain Sokhna seaport strike

Workers at Ain Sokhna seaport ended a five-day strike to demand an increase in their profit share and risk payment, international maritime port operator DP World said late Sunday.

“We resumed work this evening,” said Hamada Kamel, who heads the staff union of the seaport, which located east of Cairo.

Kamel told Al-Masry Al-Youm  that workers at the DP-run port have started to unload cargo stranded since last week and will work at full capacity to make up for their time on strike.

Ain Sokhna Port suffered more than LE50 million in losses due to the strike.

Kamel said a final agreement will be signed Monday at the Transportation Ministry between DP World representatives and government officials who will serve as guarantors.

He said both parties had agreed that workers receive half of their demanded wage risk and profits starting in March, with the other half disbursed in May.

A joint panel of staff union members and DP World administration will discuss salaries and promotion, Kamel said.

DP World signed an agreement with former Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif in October 2007 that granted the company exclusive rights to run the port until 2032.

Translated from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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