Education ministry bans mobile phone use by school students

A number of schools throughout Egypt have begun implementing a year-old Education Ministry directive banning the use by students of mobile phones in schools.

Teachers at the Hosni Mubarak Secondary School for Boys confiscated students' mobile phones, returning them at the end of the school day. They warned students that phones would be seized permanently if they were brought to school a second time.

According to one anonymous source, a number of schools received “verbal” instructions to monitor students during breaks to ensure they were not using mobile phones.

In related news, an Arabic-language teacher at the Kom Ombo Secondary Boys School on Tuesday beat one of his students, slapping him in the face in front of his classmates.

Also, the family of an Akkad Secondary School student in Aswan reportedly beat up a chemistry teacher for admonishing their son for talking back to him.

In Minya, meanwhile, 40 female school students were injured when their school bus driver got into in a fight with other drivers.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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