Egypt wins most gold medals at speed-ball World Championship

Egypt’s national team won every gold medal at the 29th Speed-Ball World Championship that took place in Sharm El-Sheikh between 27 and 30 October, state-run newspaper Al-Ahram reported.

The Egyptian team managed to win all the golds medals of the championship in all senior and junior disciplines while dominating every super solo, single and double competitions.

The Tunisian team came in second place with nine medals while the Poland came in the third place with six medals.

With the participation of 16 total countries, the championship took place at the coastal city’s youth center. Germany, France  Algeria, Japan, Bahrain, Lebanon, Kuwait, Sudan, South Sudan, Cameroon, UAE, Palestine, and India had athletes participating in the event.

Speed-ball was invented by Egyptian Mohammed Lotfy in the 1960s originally as a method for training tennis players. The game is currently gaining popularity throughout the Middle East and Europe — the sport features a tethered ball which is hit by players with a lightweight racket.

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