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Egypt explains categories eligible for 4th booster dose of COVID-19 vaccine

The Ministry of Health and Population in Egypt called on the elderly and those with chronic diseases to quickly receive the booster dose of the coronavirus vaccine.

It stressed that receiving the booster dose for all citizens guarantees a higher safety rate and reduces the chance of being infected with coronavirus, noting that the person only has to go to the nearest health unit to obtain the booster dose of the vaccine.

The nation’s epidemiological situation is still stable and that infections are still minor, but caution and precautionary measures must be taken during the coming period, as it is the period of virus activity, especially respiratory viruses, including the Coronavirus.

Egypt’s Presidential Adviser for Health and Preventive Affairs Mohamed Awad Tag-Eddin said that receiving the fourth booster dose is a necessity for specific groups at that stage, especially the elderly and those with chronic diseases, as well as groups most vulnerable to infection, such as members of the medical team.

Tag-Eddin stressed that infectious viral diseases spread more in the winter, advising citizens to obtain vaccinations and take preventive measures as they contribute significantly to limiting the spread of Coronavirus.

He explained that Egypt was able deal with the pandemic with great professionalism, and pointed out that the mutation of viruses is a well-known phenomenon.

The coronavirus may turn into a seasonal virus that spreads in winter by the time, just like the influenza virus, he said.

Tag-Eddin advised the elderly and those with chronic diseases to take a booster dose of the Coronavirus vaccine, and also advised all citizens to take seasonal flu vaccinations.

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