Egypt hosts nearly 9 million foreigners despite economic challenges: Asst. FM

Despite economic challenges, Egypt is exerting strenuous efforts for hosting nearly nine million foreigners and over 570,000 asylum seekers from 133 countries, Wael Badawi, Deputy Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs for Refugees, Migration and Combatting Human Trafficking at the Foreign Ministry said.

Those people enjoy all public services, such as health and education, on equal footing with Egyptian citizens, in line with Egypt Vision 2030, which aims at improving the living conditions of all population of Egypt, including citizens, immigrants, and refugees, Badawi Badawi told a high-level ministerial conference on migration and comprehensive partnership in Copenhagen on Monday.

He said Egypt is following a holistic approach to the migration problem by focusing on the root causes of illegal migration and setting up legal and regulatory mechanisms to protect migrants and refugees from falling prey to human traffickers, in cooperation with relevant international parties.

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