Egypt Radio discontinues program criticized by minister

Egyptian al-Sharq al-Awsat radio station has stopped broadcasting one of its programs after a minister criticized the show and accused the producers of attacking the government.

The crew for Misr fi Thalaath Saat (Egypt in Three Hours) was surprised to find out that the show, which has broadcast for a year, will no longer be aired.

The decision allegedly came after the program hosted economic expert Abdel Khaleq Farouq who discussed a new law on public office.

Phoning in live to the program, Minister of Administrative Development Ahmed Darwish criticized the producers for not inviting one of his advisors to appear on the show.

A source at the radio station said the program's producers have repeatedly tried to reach Darwish, including by text messages, but he has not responded.

Intissar Shalabi, head of Egypt Radio, said the program has been discontinued because it has already fulfilled its purpose and was removed within the regular process of program replacement.

A source at the Ministry of Administrative Development said that Darwish did not intervene to halt the airing of the program.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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