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Egypt responds to US report on deliberation with Israel over Rafah

The Chairman of the Egyptian State Information Service, Diaa Rashwan on Tuesday refuted reports from an American newspaper regarding deliberations between Egypt and Israel about plans for the Rafah invasion.

Rashwan stressed, “The Egyptian position, which has been steadfast and declared several times by the political leadership, is complete rejection of this invasion, which will lead to massacres, massive human losses, and widespread destruction, in addition to what the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip have suffered during 200 days of bloody Israeli aggression.”

“At a time when Israel is contemplating this invasion, against which Egypt and all the countries of the world and its international institutions stand, the Egyptian efforts that have continued since the beginning of the Israeli aggression have focused on reaching a ceasefire agreement and the exchange of prisoners and detainees,” he continued.

Rashwan added that this is in addition to “seeking to enter sufficient humanitarian aid to our brothers in Gaza, and to all its areas, especially the north and Gaza City, and to take more wounded and sick people out for treatment outside the Strip, where almost all health services have ended.”

Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry on Tuesday called on Israel not to take any military measures in Rafah, against the backdrop of statements about the invasion of the city of Rafah in southern Gaza.

Shourky urged the importance of stopping the war and working towards that goal, through establishing a framework to end the conflict by establishing a Palestinian state, which must be supported by all partners and the international community.

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