Egypt: Security solution for Syrian crisis would be ‘useless’

Egyptian Foreign Minister Mohamed Amr expressed on Monday Egypt’s deep concern over the escalation of violence in Syria, and the increased numbers of those killed by Bashar al-Assad’s regime during recent pro-democracy protests.

"The circumstances experienced in Syria, show two established facts that can no longer be ignored,” said Amr. “The first is that security solutions are no longer practical."

In a statement to reporters, Amr said, "There's no escaping a political solution based on a national dialogue involving all political movements and parties to formulate truly national solutions to the Arab crises."

"The second fact is that the Arab region cannot afford any more internationalization of events, and the only way to avoid that is for us to take the initiative, and to immediately move toward achieving the legitimate aspirations of the Arab peoples to freedom and democracy."

He stressed that Egypt is always willing to provide all possible support for a political solution that would save lives and which would achieve the Syrian people's aspirations.
Translated from the Arabic Edition

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