Egypt to send more medical supplies to Libyan border

Egypt will send more medical supplies to injured people on the Egyptian-Libyan border, said Minister of Health Ashraf Hatem on Thursday.

The border area has been receiving, over the past three days, people displaced due to the Libyan regime's violent attacks against demonstrators calling for the ouster of Libyan President Muammar al-Qadhafi.

Hatem said in a statement to reporters that Egyptian soldiers had set up tents for a field hospital at the Salloum border crossing. Twenty-two ambulancess were sent to support Salloum Central Hospital, and 254 beds were prepared in Marsa Matrouh hospital, as well as 50 beds in the intensive care unit,  said Hatem.

The minister added that Egypt is expected to receive many injured Egyptians who were living and working in Libya, but thus far has have received none

Violent protests erupted in Libya on February 17 calling for Qadhafi to step down. Libya's security forces have cracked down fiercely on demonstrators across the country with air raids and live ammunition. Unrest spread to the capital Tripoli on Sunday, after clashes broke out in the eastern parts of the country last week.

Eyewitnesses said that thousands were killed and injured during air strikes nationwide on protesters.

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