Egypt slams Lebanese politician’s remarks on church blast

Egypt's Ministry of Foreign Affairs criticized on Thursday remarks made by a Lebanese opposition figure on the suicide bombing that killed 23 and injured up to 100 in front of an Alexandria church on New Year's Eve.

"Egypt seems to be moderate towards Israel alone and not towards other segments of the Egyptian society," said Michel Aoun, the leader of Lebanon’s Free Patriotic  Movement.

Spokesperson for Egypt's foreign ministry Hossam Zaki responded that Aoun's comments reflect his "bitter feelings" towards Egypt. He added that Aoun's words were indecent while displaying complete ignorance of Egypt's realities and his lack of social sense.

"Even a novice policy observer would not make comparison between Egypt's handling of Israel and its treatment of Copts just like Aoun did, solely relying on his imagination," Zaki argued. "Aoun better cease his ridiculous comments on Egypt which he seems to have become addicted to. He should instead give attention to his followers whom he loses day by day due to his contradictory stances and suspicious alliances.

Zaki added that Egypt is content with the condolences it has received from senior politicians in Lebanon, including President Michel Suleiman and representatives of the Maronite denomination to which Aoun belongs.

The Alexandria church bombing drew criticisms from the US, EU, and Vatican.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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