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Egypt threatens to scrap the Camp David Accords if Israel launches invasion of Rafah

Egypt threatens to scrap peace deal if Israel doesn’t halt Rafah operation, according to Israeli media reports.

According to the Cairo News Channel, Israeli media outlets are alleging that Egypt put pressure on the US to stop Israel’s offensive in Rafah..

Israeli newspaper Maariv stated that Egyptian officials demanded William Burns, visiting Director of American Intelligence, to urge Israel to halt the operation and resume serious negotiations.

Maariv further reported that Egypt is ready to cancel the Camp David Accords if Israel insists on launching operation in Rafah.

America had increased the severity of its warnings against Israel in respect of its operations in Rafah.

In an unprecedented move, US President Joe Biden announced, in an interview with CNN, last Wednesday, that he would halt arming Israel, if Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu initiated a full-scale military incursion in Rafah, a city located in the southern Gaza Strip.

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