Egypt ties up the first phase of E-visa project

Egypt’s Foreign Ministry announced on Monday the completion of the first phase of the E-visa project which covers 46 countries and offers electronic visa application system for multiple nationalities, the ministry’s press release said.

The Ministry indicated that this step came in light of the government’s efforts to attract tourists from across the world to Egypt. The Foreign Ministry’s willingness to facilitate the procedures of Egyptian visa issuing, especially for businessmen, hopes to encourage investment flows and nourish the trading sector.

Under the project, the Ministry launched a website available in eight languages allowing foreign visitors to obtain their visas after filling all required personal data, along with paying for the services via several means including credit or debit cards, the ministry said.

The E-visa is a legal document approved from the government, allowing access to Egypt.

Acquiring an E-visa necessitates a valid passport for at least six months from the issuing date, printing the E-visa, travel itinerary, invitation letter and hotel bookings.

The statement added that Egypt’s Foreign Ministry was cooperating with all concerned institutions including the Ministries of Interior, Communications, Information Technology and Tourism, among others, to ensure the implementation of the second phase on the scheduled time.

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