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Egypt to launch vaccine passport next week to counter vaccine evaders

The Ministry of Health and Population announced on Tuesday that it is launching a health passport to detect vaccine evaders, starting next week in cooperation with the Ministry of Communications.

The ministry said in a statement that this electronic health passport will be used at airports to determine a person’s position on the COVID-19 vaccine.

It explained that the health passport will use three colors: red will indicate a person is unvaccinated, yellow that they have received one dose, and green that they have received two doses.

Another way of confirmation will be insured certificates for those who have received the vaccine, it added.

It is not possible to forge or fake these certificates due to the presence of the serial number which bears a QR code with the date of vaccination and the name of the vaccine, the ministry added.

Egypt’s Ministry of Health and Population on Monday reported 771 new coronavirus cases, 33 deaths, and 700 recoveries.

A total of 307,569 cases have been disclosed in Egypt, alongside 17,469 deaths and 259,647 recoveries.

The Ministry of Health reiterated a warning against a fourth wave of the coronavirus in Egypt, stressing that everyone should adhere to precautionary measures.

The ministry stated that there are 10 million citizens registered on the ministry’s website to receive the vaccine, 7.5 million of whom have received at least one dose.

Egypt has provided many vaccines either through the VACSERA factories or imported vaccines.

There are 512 vaccination centers for citizens in addition to vaccination centers for travelers, he added, as well as thousands of medical mobile teams and convoys that target citizens in different gathering places.


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