Egypt unveils its key economic developments at Euromoney conference

The Euromoney Egypt Conference 2015 will kick off on Monday for two days in the presence of a galaxy of experts in financing and investment in Egypt and worldwide.
Minister of Finance Hani Kadry Dimian will inaugurate the conference with a speech that will outline the main components of Egypt's economy in the coming phase and shed light on economic growth, unemployment, inflation and other subsidies programs applied by the Egyptian government.
The conference will look at the current mega projects taking place in Egypt, with workshops discussing the Suez Canal Corridor, Energy and Electricity, and Real Estate, Construction and Housing.
Throughout the two day event the focus will be on financing the planned projects and the view from global investors and their role in Egypt’s financial future. It will be an un-missable event merging both the high standard that sets this event apart from the others and a new unique format of agenda.
The theme of the conference is Financing the Future.The morning’s proceedings will begin with a series of short films – a first for Euromoney Conferences – and conversations with key figures in Egyptian finance, including Ministers, policymakers, private sector bankers and international financial leaders.

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