Egypt warned Israel of rocket attack, Israeli paper reports

The Israeli army says it received warning from Egypt ahead of the Wednesday rocket attacks on Eilat, Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth reported.

The warnings prompted the Israeli army to set up an Iron Dome defense system unit in Eilat, according to the daily paper.

The newspaper added that high-level Israeli security officials contacted their Egyptian counterparts in the wake of the two rockets, which the Israeli military said came from Sinai and caused no casualties or significant damage.

A shell landed in a residential neighborhood, resulting in slight material damages, while another shell landed in an unpopulated area on the outskirts of the border city, Israeli radio said Wednesday.

An Egyptian security source denied the missiles had been launched from Sinai.

"The border guards have not detected any [security breaches on border]," the source told German DPA news agency Wednesday.

"Israel has to examine the missiles first before talking about their source, as Sinai has been witnessing heightened security reinforcements recently," the source added.

"[Sinai] is under the control of Egyptian security, especially at the border areas with Israel and Gaza," the source said.

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsy’s office said in a statement that no conclusions had been reached.

"Let's not anticipate events, it’s premature to confirm any news or results. Egypt is still investigating the incident, and the Israeli side declares what they want and has the right to say whatever they want, but we are talking according to certain investigations and results," the presidency said.

"The public has the right to know what happened, and when [investigations] are completed, we will announce [the results]," the statement added.

Presidential spokesperson Omar Amer said in a press conference that border security cooperation continues as normal between the two countries.

"Egypt does not endorse any attack on any country, or any threat against the safety of any state, whether [this country] is sharing a border with Egypt or not,” Amer said. “This is the ruling principle of Egyptian foreign policy, and we must wait until the picture is completely clear."

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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