Egyptian intelligence chief discusses Palestinian reconciliation efforts

Egyptian Intelligence Chief Mourad Mowafi on Wednesday met with Azzam al-Ahmed, member of Fatah’s Central Committee, to discuss Palestinian reconciliation efforts.

Ahmed briefed Mowafi on the Doha Declaration in this regard, which was signed Monday by Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas and Khaled Meshaal, chairman of Hamas’s political bureau, the state-run Middle East News Agency MENA reported.

After the meeting, Ahmed said he briefed Mowafi because Egypt sponsors the reconciliation and is tasked by the Arab League to monitor its implementation.

Abbas is to head an interim national unity government under the deal signed with Hamas on Monday, ending long-running disagreement over the post that stalled Palestinian reconciliation.

The full line-up of the government, which will supervise the run-up to long-delayed presidential and legislative elections, is to be announced in Cairo at a meeting of all the Palestinian factions.

The declaration calls for a government of "independent technocrats" to oversee reconstruction efforts in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip and to "facilitate the implementation of presidential and parliamentary elections."

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