Egyptian talk show host turns into an alien

Two weeks ago, talk show host Ahmed Mousa of the Sada Al-Balad channel played a videogame called Apache Attack and claimed it was the Russian military air strikes in Syria, which caused an international scandal.
This happens when the media is left for unqualified people to run.
And the other day I watched a funny recording of talk show host Iman al-Hosary of Al-Mehwar channel talking on the phone to some member of the American Federation of Astrologists. 
What she and the producer of the program did not know was that this federation is an imaginary entity on an electronic site that you can subscribe to for US$45.
She said her guest had once talked to an alien from outer space, but I believe the alien was the guest himself that she was talking to.
The man said that aliens are conquering the planets one by one, and that it is now earth's the turn, which is the same idea behind the American movie “Independence Day”.
He also said that Islam first came from Mars, which is a cheap way of using religion to promote the site, that certain political figures are disguised aliens, such as Putin and Obama, and that Hillary Clinton is a metamorphic lizard.
“Did the alien mention anything about the Muslim Brotherhood?” Hosary asked the man.
She then freaked out when she learned that aliens are coming to earth in two years.
I wonder who is the real alien? Is it the guest, the host, the audience or me?
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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