Egypt’s chances to qualify for Tokyo Games quarter-finals

The Egyptian Olympic team now faces a difficult situation after losing to Argentina in the Tokyo Olympics football competition, but it still has a chance left to qualify for the quarter-finals.

Egypt is bottom of the third group standings with one point after its draw in the first round with its Spanish counterpart without goals. Spain rose to the top of the group with four points after defeating Australia, which fell to second place after its balance froze at three points – the same balance as Argentina which occupies third place.

Egypt will play in the final round with Australia on Wednesday at one o’clock in the afternoon according to Cairo time, while Argentina team will face Spain the same hour.

Theoretically, all teams in the third group still have a chance to rise to first or second place to quality for the quarter finals, but Egypt has found itself in a difficult position.


Scenarios for qualifying Egypt

  • The Egyptian team needs to win over Australia by any result and Spain wins over Argentina. Spain will then lead the group with seven points, followed by the Egypt in second place with four points while Australia and Argentina will be in third and fourth places with three points each.
  • Egypt must win over Australia while Spain loses against Argentina. In this case, Argentina will qualify, which is in the lead with six points, while the second pass remains between Egypt and Spain.

Since the Spanish and Egyptian teams drew in their first round match without goals, the percentage of goals will be the key to determining the qualifier between them.

In the event that Argentina draws with Spain and Egypt beat Australia, Egypt will qualify as runner-up to the group behind Spain as it will be equal with Argentina with four points each while Egypt will have the advantage in the goal tally.

Any result other than the Egyptian team’s victory over its Australian counterpart will mean it exits, regardless of what the outcome of the match between Argentina and Spain will lead to.

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