Egypt’s foreign ministry: Egyptians in Yemen are fine

Ambassador Mohamed Abdel Hakam, assistant foreign minister for consular affairs, immigration, Egyptian expatriates and refugees, said that Egypt's embassy in Sana'a and its consulate in Aden have notified the Foreign Ministry that the Egyptian community in Yemen is fine, and none have been reported injured in the current unrest.

Abdel Hakam said that the Egyptian embassy and consulate in Yemen are in constant contact with representatives of the Egyptian community from all the governorates in Yemen.

Meanwhile, a diplomatic source said that the Egyptian Embassy in Sana'a is ready to help any citizen who wants to return to Egypt.

Yasser al-Ramly, chief of the commercial sector in EgyptAir, said there are four flights to Sana'a daily and these have not stopped despite the escalation of violence there. He said flights will only be suspended if Yemeni authorities close Yemeni airspace, or if the security situation became serious.

He pointed out that on Friday the company amended flight schedules so flights to Yemen take off at 5 am, instead of 11 pm. This is so passengers reach Yemen during the day instead of at night.

He added that EgyptAir in Yemen permanently coordinates with the Egyptian Embassy there, and is ready to run additional flights to evacuate Egyptian nationals residing if necessary.

Ahmed Abdo, director of Cairo-to-Sana'a flights in Cairo International Airport, confirmed that flights to Yemen have not stopped, and that the Yemenia Airways organizes five flights to Cairo per week.

He said the last trip was on Saturday and the plane carried 300 passengers heading to Sana'a, returning with 208 passengers.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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