Egypt’s political parties prepare for elections

Egypt’s major parties begun preparing for parliamentary elections, after a public referendum approved a package of constitutional amendments.

Just over 77 percent of voters voted "yes" in a referendum that revealed the growing role of certain religious groups, who mobilized voters to accept the amendments.

The leaders of various political parties spoke about the current phase of planning.

Mostafa al-Tawil, the honorary leader of the Wafd Party, said it is reviewing its lists of candidates from previous elections to screen out the unsuccessful. The party is seeking to have popular political figures join its ranks and run in its name.

Sayyed Abdel Aal, secretary general of the Tagammu Party, said it will double its number of candidates in the coming election, adding that it will field a number of leftist figures who have popular bases, but who previously rejected participation due to election rigging, thuggery and vote-buying by the formerly-ruling National Democratic Party (NDP).

Mohamed Ragab, secretary general for the NDP, said the party will not contest all constituencies because several former MPs have either resigned from the party or were forced out for proven involvement in political or criminal corruption. Ragab added that the party will field young candidates who enjoy popularity among their constituents. He also said that over the next two weeks the party will determine its candidates and election platform, which will meet the demands of the 25 January Revolution. 

Finally, Mohamed Abul Ela, vice president of the Nasserist Party, said it is negotiating with several independent candidates who were popular in previous elections to run in the upcoming election.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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