Electoral platform for Brotherhood party proposes new constitution

The electoral platform for the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party includes a proposal for a new constitution, said Ahmed Abu Baraka, a legal advisor to the party.

Abu Baraka said the party’s 60-page platform consists of two major parts, the first of which encompasses political, legislative, developmental, social and economic ideas and the second of which proposes a plan for Egypt's future.

The platform pitches a full-fledged constitution that emphasizes respect for the law. The proposed document considers Islamic Sharia to be the main source of legislation.

The platform also highlights the independence of the judiciary and calls for the establishment of a decentralized system of local government and separation of powers.

Abu Baraka added that the platform includes a comprehensive plan for the next five years, with specific timelines for implementation. It also proposes development projects in Sinai, the Red Sea, Aswan and the Western Desert.

Saad al-Katatny, the party’s secretary general, said the platform prepared for the 2010 parliamentary elections has been radically changed to suit post-revolution Egypt.

The Brotherhood will run alongside more than 40 parties that belong to the National Democratic Alliance for Egypt in the upcoming parliamentary elections. The Wafd Party has recently broken up its electoral alliance with the Brotherhood after the latter expressed reservations over the issuing of statements emphasizing the civilian nature of the state before a new constitution is written.

Some observers believe the Freedom and Justice Party may be able to take more than 30 percent of the seats in the upcoming parliament.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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