Electricity supply to Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon interrupted

The supply of electricity from Egypt to Jordan, Syria and Lebanon stopped on Friday after a truck carrying gasoline turned over, exploded and burned the cables.

The accident caused electricity to cut off an area of Taba.

The chairman and managing director of the Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company, Fathallah Shalaby, said in a statement to reporters on Saturday that the car flipped over under the cables, which led to the ignition and fusion of the aerial wires transferring electricity to Jordan, Syria and Lebanon.

He added that the incident did not affect the national network or the functioning of electricity in South or North Sinai, except the electricity supply to the area of the Eyes of Moses in Taba.

The company is currently replacing the cables and making repairs in order to resume supplying electricity to the areas affected, he said.
Translated from the Arabic Edition

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